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MessaggioInviato: 22/04/2008, 1:37
da Katie
Ciao Ignazio,

My name is Katie and I am also a Fabris decendant however I think it is
a different family. My grandfather was born in Roana, VI along with his
sister Elsa and brother Guido (dec.). I am trying to compile my family
ancestory however speaking limited Italian am finding it extremely hard.
Was wondering if you can give me any tips to assist my research. Your
help would be greatly appreciated.
You can contact me at

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Kind Regards,
Katie Smith

Re: Australia

MessaggioInviato: 23/12/2009, 15:55
da fabris
Ciao Katie.
Scusa se ti rispondo con molto ritardo.
Certo che ti posso aiutare.
Tu dovresti fare l'albero genealogico con i dati che hai, poi io ti spiego come continuare la ricerca in Italia, ed anche i parenti.
Cordiali saluti.